Fountain Hills Garage Door Repair

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Fountain Hills, AZ Garage Door Repair

D&L Garage Doors is a garage door repair company in Fountain Hills, AZ. As a an experienced repair company, our services include repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance of old and new garage doors. We’ve developed a commitment to making sure that all of our customers are well taken care of within our company and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Other perks of working with us include regular discounts, high quality of service, and affordable prices.

Educating Our Customers

One of the main things we love to do at D&L Garage Doors is educate our customers about the maintenance and repairs that we perform. We want them to have a good idea of exactly what we’re doing so they can develop a trust with us that can’t be found with most other garage door repair companies in Fountain Hills, AZ. We also want to make sure that customers have the opportunity, if they so choose, to perform simple maintenance and repairs on their own. Customers that have questions about a specific issue that they’re having with their overhead door can send a message to our email. We answer all customer questions as soon as we see them.

Safety for New Garage Doors

One of the biggest things that we preach at D&L Garage Doors is safety. There is nothing more important to us than the safety of our customers and employees. Each one of our technicians is thoroughly trained to make sure that all safety measures are taken in every instance to ensure short term and long term safety for our customers. It should also be mentioned that customers that are having issues with their garage door should never try to perform repair or replacement on their own.

There have been many horror stories about amateurs attempting to provide replacement or installation to a garage door spring only to have it snap off and cause physical harm. A professional technician should be called for all garage door repair issues, and especially for a garage door spring, to ensure that the correct safety measures are taken while also making sure that possible warranties are not voided.

D&L Garage Doors Call Us Now For FREE No Obligation Quote!

Same Day Service Available | Free Service Call | All Major Credit card Accepted | 10% Internet Discount

Warranties for Parts and Accessories

Warranties for garage door parts and accessories will vary depending on the specific part and its brand. Obviously a garage door spring is going to have a significantly different warranty than a garage door opener. Almost all of the brands that we work with offer lengthy warranties for their products and we can provide information on warranties for all of the different makes and models that we offer. The garage door opener and new garage doors are generally the most expensive items that we offer and therefore have the longest warranties.

D&L also includes a 90 day service warranty for all services. This combination of warranties makes sure that customers are taken care of over the long haul and won’t have to worry about their new garage doors breaking down shortly after installation. Customers that are interested in learning more about the warranties offered for a specific part, or their garage door spring or garage door opener, can call us at (602) 626-3787.

D&L At Your Service

D&L Garage Doors continues to be one of the few garage door companies in Fountain Hills, AZ that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our emergency garage door service ensures that we will be available for customers whenever a garage door issue comes up. We understand the frustration that can come with an overnight malfunction and we have the ability to provide repair or replacement to your home or business immediately. Providing quality emergency garage door service is a major priority of ours and customers can take advantage of these same day services by calling (602) 626-3787.

Guaranteeing Satisfaction For Our Customers

Working to Provide the Best Service at the Lowest Price

Combining affordability and quality, we consider ourselves to be one of the best garage door repair companies in Fountain Hills, AZ. Everything we do is revolved around providing optimal service to our customers and we’re able to do that through our affordable prices and top notch technicians. We understand the importance of pleasing our customers and we will continue to develop processes that will help us to further our mission.

Customers interested in speaking with one of our technicians or talking to our customer service team about the services that we offer can call (602) 626-3787 or can send us a message through our website.