Wood Garage Door

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Wood Garage Doors Installation Phoenix, AZ

The wood garage door is made specifically for the purpose of achieving a certain visual appeal in correlation with your home or business. While immediate and maintenance costs may be a bit higher than a steel garage door, the style and grace of a wood garage door simply can’t be matched by any other option. Many homes actually require a wood door as the other options just wouldn’t look quite right with the style of the home. This is especially true for cabin or log style homes but can also be the case with Colonial or Victorian homes.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of the wood garage door to help you make a better decision of what type of new garage door you’d like to go with:

Optimal Visual Appeal

As we mentioned, visual appeal is the main reason that most customers make the decision to go with the wood garage door. They blend especially well with Colonial and Victorian style homes as the wood texture and natural look have traits similar to those types of homes. One of the great things that we have the ability to do at D&L Garage Doors is that we can show you multiple examples of what your wood door would look like next to your home. This can help you make a more informed decision about exactly what type of door will look best for garage door installation.

Wood garage door installation Phoenix Arizona

Costs Of A Wooden Garage Doors

While this isn’t always the case, costs of a wood garage door tend to be a bit higher than the steel garage door option. Wood doors are made with a much higher level of precision than a steel door would be, meaning more labor has been put into making them. This forces prices to be higher than most other options. Fortunately, D&L Garage Doors offers free estimates so you can be aware of the costs of your new garage door before making the decision for garage door installation or replacement. If you’d like to schedule an appointment to find out about the costs of your wood door, feel free to call us at anytime at (602) 626-3787 or shoot us a message on our website.

Regular Maintenance Required

One of the few downfalls of going with wood for your new garage door is that they generally require a bit more maintenance than the other options. Wood doors tend to be much more likely to be affected by inclement weather like heavy rain and wind, which can cause issues with the paint on the exterior of the door. While this isn’t a huge issue, it can lead to higher long term costs. Wood is also a bit more difficult to repair because parts aren’t as readily available for them as the other options. When a wood panel breaks, an entire replacement may be required since a simple repair may not maintain the same look that wood garage door owners are looking for.

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Same Day Repair or Installation For Your Wood Garage Door

As a premiere garage door repair company, D&L has made a consistent commitment to providing convenience to our customers in every way possible. We’re able to do that by being available at all times of the day to provide replacement, installation, or repair for our customers. We’re fully aware that most of our customers don’t have time to wait weeks for their garage door installation to take place and, for that reason, we offer the ability to provide installation or replacement on a same day basis. We can also provide immediate repair for any type of garage door issues. Call our office directly at (602) 626-3787 to take advantage of these emergency and same day services.

Guaranteeing Satisfaction For Your Garage Door Installation

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At D&L, we’re fully committed to providing high quality garage door installation, repair and replacement for the cheapest prices in the industry. We’ve been providing high quality services to our customers for over three decades and this has, and will always be, our mission. Call us today at (602) 626-3787 and we’ll be there for you as soon as possible to provide our services.