Steel Garage Door

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Steel Garage Door Phoenix, AZ

The steel garage door is the most popular of all the garage door options that we offer. The cheaper price and low maintenance required are the major reasons for this, as is the fact that there are many more options for the steel garage door than any of the other types of doors. Overall, the decision to choose steel for your new garage door is going to come down to how important look is to you for your garage door. The wood and specialty options are designed for optimal visual appeal while the steel option is designed for performance affordability.

Let’s take a further look at the many benefits of the steel garage door:

Cheaper Prices

The steel garage door is generally the cheapest option for garage doors due to its popularity. Garage door companies manufacture far more steel garage doors on a yearly basis than they do any other type of garage door, leading to this cheaper price. While steel doors do tend to be cheaper, there are still a ton of options to sort through. At D&L, we’ll be able to help you sort through the many options that you have available while also giving you a free estimate so you can compare prices. Call us today at (602) 626-3787 to schedule an appointment at your home or business to discuss the different price options that you have available for your new garage door.

steel garage door installation Phoenix Arizona

Multiple Options

One of the top advantages of going with a steel garage door is the many different options that are available. Being that steel doors are the most popular, almost all garage door manufacturers focus on making quality steel doors to choose from. The steel garage door can also be painted just about any color in order to match the style and color of a home. Changing the siding on your home and would like your new garage door to match the color? No problem, painting and staining the steel garage door is simple and weather seal replacement can be installed to limit wear and tear.

Low Maintenance

As we mentioned, the low maintenance costs of the steel garage door are one of the major reasons that these doors are so popular. While they don’t provide the same type of visual appeal as other options, this also means that there won’t be a need to consistently paint, stain, or provide weather seal replacement to your new garage door. They also don’t require much repair once garage door installation has taken place. Garage owners that are looking for a simple option that won’t require consistent maintenance or repair should certainly consider the steel garage door option.

If you’re interested in learning more about the many benefits of going with a steel garage door, you can call our office at (602) 626-3787 or email us on our contact page for more information. Generally, when preparing for garage door installation, we’ll schedule an appointment in which we give you a free estimate for the costs of sales and service and will inform you of the many options that you have.

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Same Day Installation of Your Steel Garage Door In Phoenix, Arizona

D&L Garage Doors is able to offer same day garage door installation for all of our customers in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. Being there for you as soon as possible is important to us as we realize that you don’t have time to wait weeks for replacement to take place. At D&L, our offices are open 24/7 and we have multiple technicians prepared to be dispatched to your home upon your call. We can also offer garage door repair on an emergency or same day basis. Our service warranties make sure that we’ll be there for you when you need us once garage door installation has taken place.

We have multiple different types of new garage doors on stock and can also make immediate orders to the manufacturers and dealers that we work with in order to make the replacement as soon as possible. If you’re in an emergency situation and need your garage door installation taken care of immediately, give us a call at (602) 626-3787 and we’ll get a licensed technician out to your home or business within a few hours.