New Garage Doors Installation

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New Garage Doors Installation Phoenix, AZ

New garage door installation or replacement is generally required in instances where the garage door has become faulty beyond repair. At D&L, we offer several different options for new garage doors that our customers can choose from. Customers that work with us can choose between a steel garage door, wood garage door, or specialty garage door. All of our new garage doors are offered at the best prices in the industry and customers will also receive extensive product and service warranties on all of the installations that we perform.

Steel Garage Door

Durability is the major reason that the steel garage door has been the most popular type of overhead door for garage owners. It is also fairly low maintenance and has the type of durability that allows it to become a long term option that shouldn’t require too many major repairs. Because the steel garage door is so popular, there are also many more options to choose from than either the wood garage door or specialty garage door. This popularity makes them significantly cheaper than the more visually appealing options that are wood and specialty doors.

Wood Garage Door

The major advantage associated with the wood garage door is the visual appeal that it brings to your garage. Out of all the options, the natural look of a wood garage door can complement a home like no other. Wood doors aren’t for everybody, however, and seem to work much better for Victorian and Colonial style homes. One of the major disadvantages of the wood garage door is the regular maintenance that is required. Normal wear and tear should be expected and can cause the paint on the door to consistently chip or become deformed. Painting and staining should be expected on an every other year basis with these doors.

Specialty Garage Door

The specialty garage door is an extremely broad term and refers to a variety of different garage doors that aren’t the steel or wood garage door. Many specialty doors are made for businesses that need increased technology or engineering for a certain purpose. There are also a lot of different options for homeowners, but the specialty garage door is certainly not a cheap option.

D&L Garage Doors in Phoenix, We Have Many Styles To Chose From!

We Also Offer Same Day Service! And Great Warranty! 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Offering the Best Prices in the Industry

One thing that truly separates D&L Garage Doors from the pack is our ability to offer some of the best prices in the garage door repair industry. Our experience and reputation has allowed us to develop strong relationships with some of the industries’ top dealers and manufacturers in order to offer discounted prices that many of our competitors can’t compete with. Affordability is an important part of what we do at D&L and we’re always looking for ways to offer our customers the best possible prices.

At D&L, we also believe in offering free estimates to our customers so that they are fully aware of what the costs of potential options are. Providing replacement or installation for new garage doors isn’t cheap and we want to be sure that you’re educated about the prices before a final decision is made. Customers can schedule an appointment with one of our experienced service technicians by calling (602) 626-3787 or contacting us through our website.

Warranties for New Garage Doors

All of the brands and manufacturers we work with have extensive warranties for their new garage doors. Whether you’re going with a steel garage door, wood garage door, or specialty garage door, warranties are necessary to ensure that you’re protected financially from anything that could potentially go wrong with your garage door. Most of the brands we work with offer a three year warranty although that may be more or less depending on the specific brand that you intend to go with. For more information about the warranties provided by the brands we work with, shoot us a quick message on our contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Guaranteeing Satisfaction For Your New Garage Door Installation

Guaranteeing Satisfaction For Your New Garage Door Installation

Along with the product warranties offered by the brands we work with, D&L also offers comprehensive service warranties for all of the replacement and installation services that we perform. This combination helps guarantee that our customers will be satisfied over the long term as it will ensure that they’re fully protected financially over the long term. While warranties are important, we still feel that it is even more important to be sure that we’re able to provide top notch service the first time.

100% satisfaction is guaranteed for each of the new garage doors we provide replacement or installation for and we’ll make sure our customers are well taken care of from beginning to end. Our team of technicians can be contacted by calling our office at (602) 626-3787 or by sending us a brief message on our contact page.