Garage Door Lubrication

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Garage Door Lubrication Service in Phoenix And Surrounding Areas

Garage door lubrication is a fairly simple process and is necessary to be regularly performed on your overhead garage door. Failure to provide consistent lubrication can result in an overly noisy door or can also lead to parts becoming more apt to rust and break down. At D&L, we provide a thorough lubrication service as part of our maintenance and will ensure that your overhead garage door is lubricated to a professional standard.

What Does Lubrication Do For Your Overhead Garage Door?

The main purposes of providing garage door lubrication for your overhead garage door is to prevent or eliminate squeaks during function, prevent rust and corrosion, and also to enable garage door parts to have longer shelf lives. Garage door lubrication is an important part of the regular maintenance service that is needed for your garage door. It is often looked over by garage door owners until the detrimental results eventually take hold.

Garage Door Lubrication Phoenix Arizona

Choosing the Right Lubricant

The exact type of lubricant that you use will often depend on the type of overhead garage door that you have. There are multiple different options and the price range can vary widely for all of them. Most homeowners and business owners can purchase a cheaper option, in the $5-$12 range. although garage door repair and maintenance companies like D&L use a higher grade lubricant that costs in the $50-$75 range. If you have any questions about what lubricant you should go with, feel free to give us a call at (602) 626-3787.

Experienced Technicians

At D&L, we hire only the best and most experienced technicians in the industry. Each and every one of our technicians have been in the field for numerous years and have experienced the ins and outs associated with overhead garage door repair and maintenance. We also thoroughly train all of our technicians in house so that they’re fully aware of exactly how we want things done.

When you work with D&L Garage Doors, you will be assured that you’re working with a company that only sends you the best technicians in the industry. We understand the importance of having quality employees on our staff and we’ll never stop bettering ourselves to provide our technicians with the resources to provide the best quality possible. If you’re interested in learning more about our technicians or would like to speak to one of them, shoot us an email on our contact page or give us a call directly at (602) 626-3787.

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Educating Our Customers

As we mentioned, D&L has a group of extremely experienced technicians that have a great deal of knowledge about maintenance and even more specifically about garage door lubrication. In many cases, a service technician isn’t required to consistently come to your home or business and provide garage door lubrication service. When we come to your home or business, we’ll be able to inform you on exactly how you can perform the lubrication duties on your own.

We’ll let you know exactly what type of lubricant spray we would recommend that you use for your specific overhead garage door and will also show you exactly how you can perform the service yourself. If you’d like to contact us with any questions about the specific lubricant spray that we recommend or would like us to come to your home or business and show you how to execute the maintenance, feel free to give us a call at anytime, day or night, at (602) 626-3787.

garage door repair satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is Guaranteed at D&L

D&L Garage Doors guarantees that all of our maintenance services are completed with the highest level of precision possible. We don’t take shortcuts with our maintenance and we’ll make sure that you’re fully aware of any issues with your overhead garage door while also ensuring that we fully educate you about the process.

Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and we offer service warranties to further guarantee that everything will be properly taken care of for all of our customers. Give us a call at (602) 626-3787 or email us on our contact page if you’d like to take advantage of our customer satisfaction guarantees for your garage door lubrication.